Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspirational Jargon

So in my daily life of sitting behind a desk waiting for a phone to ring or an e-mail to pop-up, I have stumbled upon some exceptional blogs.  Photo blogs, wedding blogs, style blogs, name it it's out there.  None so intriguing as my most recent.  Now when I first discovered it I was entranced and wasn't quite sure why.  As I dug through post after post I discovered the reason my heart had become so eveloped in this girls talent and story. 

About 15 pages in and a thousand posts back I read a beautiful post about faith.  It was not littered with overwhelming theology or intensely articulate thought.  It was simple and beautifully stated.  I met a stranger today through the internet and after involving myself in her world through the eyes of a computer, I feel as though I have found a friend...I know people can make fun of me all they want for my blog indulgence, but this one is fantastic.  It is just the life of a girl following Christ in the world of photography, fashion, and trend and I think that is fascinating.

You don't have to look, or even find it interesting, but I think it is...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Every four months I am due a change of scenery.  This time the Lord was gracious and moved me to the if He wasn't gracious when He took me around the world!  I just mean in comparison to the scenery of Bowling Green, Kentucky.  It is definitely an upgrade from the world of dog-food smelling air and gloomy skies. 

Enter Buena Vista, Colorado, a town nestled directly between the Collegiate Peaks of Colorado.  A town full of river rats, devoted climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Might be hard to imagine me in that description and honestly I stick out like a sore thumb, my moms green Cadillac Escalade does not help me blend in either.  I am learning to embrace my obviousness and "own it". The description is to help you envision the community...the pictures are so you might be fully jealous of the fact that I live directly in the most beautiful of God's creation...mountains

Sorry for not posting in ages.  I will try to be better...I miss you all

Thursday, May 13, 2010

All That Remains...

It seems four years has come and gone.  My walls are bare and my possessions lie stacked in my room.  How do you explain to a city, to a group of friends, to a way of life how much it changed your heart?  The girl I was four years ago never thought this day would come.  She never even thought she would survive four years in this tiny city, not only has she survived, but she has grown, changed and loved so deeply it feels as if her heart is ripping to have to say good-bye.

I wish my words were eloquent enough to portray my heart. I wish my thoughts could be written cohesively enough to explain how much this time has meant.  I have lived with the dearest souls a girl could know.  I have been taken care of by strangers who four years ago did not know I was alive.  I have been taught who Jesus is more deeply than I ever thought I would know and now I have to pack my life into boxes and start all over again.  I'm not meaning to be sappy or pitiful, I just need a moment to share my heart.  To tell Charlotte Hill how much she will be missed.  To tell Kaitlin Christian how much she has taught me.  To tell Sam Burke how grateful I am for her.  To tell the ones I love that their selflessness has changed my heart and and you will all go with me wherever I end up.

Bowling Green, I love you,  you have been the sweetness I have cherished for the last four years through all the tears and laughter I would never change a second.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Corner

In the back corner of a charming little home on Main St.  I have set up residence.  Just wanted to share my niche with everyone...
My bed corner is my favorite, it is home to some of my trinkets from life at sea. 

I chose to document it on a day when it was a little messy, so it looked lived in!                

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekend Wounds

Easter Sunday came and went leaving behind a trail of fond memories, embarrassing home videos, and a leg ridden with oozing wounds.  Sorry for the graphic nature of this post, but Easter was a graphic holiday for me!  I was blessed to get the chance to go home so Easter morning I woke up to my over-enthusiastic sisters jumping on my makeshift bed encouraging me to join the festivities.  I hesitantly scuffled upstairs and joined in all the fun, which every activity was until about 11:00.  My older brother, Tanner and I decided to take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on the good ole days of street hockey and backyard games.  The nostalgia went so far that we actually strapped ourselves into roller-blades from the 1990's and took them for a ride around the driveway.  In an attempt to gather speed, something most know I am good at doing being that I am a fast person just by nature(just kidding), I followed my dare-devil 26 year old brother up to the start of the driveway.  Physics quickly took over and my body weight pushed the "blades" right down the hill.  In an attempt to slow down and look cool by utilizing the brakes, I  lost my balance and landed hard on the concrete, scraping up my left leg and putting holes in my mothers gray pajama pants.  No worries for those of you who might be confused by the chain of events, my mom caught the whole incident on tape.

My sweet roommate took some photos of battle wounds so I could share them with you all...

The close-up just so everyone can get a really good look...

Don't worry I was wearing a helmet or else it could have been really bad!  My mother was so kind she dressed my wounds just like I was in elementary school again, and I am in sure I will be back in action in no time flat.

Monday, March 22, 2010


So sometimes I randomly crave songs, strange I know, but still.  Today it must be shared, it is so beautiful I am on the verge of obsession...thank you Bethany Dillon!

You Are On Our Side

P.S. just listen to the song, the video isn't really necessary

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Return of Normal

I have been inspired by none other than the lovely Charlotte Hill to bring back the blog! So here it is the day to day, no more extravagant travels, no more galavanting across the globe, just the beauty of simplicity. Welcome to today's simplicity...